Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Concerning prayer and thought for the day

In our life we encounter enough worries and lots of difficulties of which we wonder how we can cope with them. In life, we are often so busy with ourself that we do not make much time to think about our own Maker.

Lots of people who believe in God think about Him as a boo man or think He is to Grand or Special so that they as just an ordinary small being cannot come unto Him. But they are mistaken. Just by daring to come close to Him we show our will to be under Him and to be a child of Him.

God doesn't call the qualified but He is more interested to touch first those who are humble or who have lots of worries and questions. He is eager to come closer to those who do not yet know Him but who are willing to get to know Him.

Sometimes we pray and pray and it seems like nothing happens. but then we should ask: Why?
There might be a good reason that what we asked not to be answered like we wanted it to be answered. We should always wonder if that what we ask is in line with God His Wishes or with His Plan.
Look at all those who are at war, and both camps praying for them to win the war. But first of all war is something God does not want. He does not want people to fight against each other. So any plea for help in that fight would be useless.

When rightly placed and done with the right attitude "Prayer has the power to change mountains into highways."

We have to make time for having just some time between us and God plus for contemplation and meditation. Creating some moment we can talk to our Divine Most High God.
Each day we should take some time to think about life and about the Sustainer of life. Every day we should take time to meditate on God's Word.

The Christadelphians provide some help to go through the Bible day by day in a year. They also provide next to the Bible Reading Plan or chart. That Bible Companion is just a practical aid, encouraging people to continue their Bible reading in a way that they do not skip the same chapters, but go from one book to the other, chapter after chapter, each year.

May we advise you to come to read those Thoughts for the day and to find some further articles on Bible study and reading, Praying and prayers?


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