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Built upon a Rock - Distinctive beliefs and practices of the Christadelphians

The Testimony published a new book to make it clear what is it that makes the Christadelphians distinctive as a group of believers in Jesus Christ, and what marks them out as different in faith and practice from the rest of the Christian world.

In what particular respects does the Christadelphians’ understanding of the Bible’s teachings affect their beliefs and their communal life to such an extent that they choose to stand apart from the whole of Christendom?

Built upon a Rock addresses these questions in ten easy-to-read chapters, each dealing with a single fundamental issue.
With a convenient summary given in an Appendix, a range of Christadelphian authors set out to explain, as clearly as possible, what is distinctively Biblical about the following topics: the verbal inspiration of the Bible; the doctrine of God-manifestation on the earth; the Hope of Israel and God’s promises to Abraham; the nature of Christ, as Son of God and Son of Man; the representative sacrifice of Christ (the Atonement); the mortal nature of man and the need for bodily resurrection; the Devil as the personification of sin; the Holy Spirit as the power of God; the ecclesia as the church of Christ; and the Christadelphian way of life.

Most of the contents of the book were first published in July 1988, as one of the Testimony magazine’s regular series of Special Issues. But there is a new chapter on ‘The Inspiration of Scripture’, and the addition of a Name and Subject index is also a valuable feature. Most significant of all, perhaps, is the Scripture Index, where the very wide range of Bible passages referred to by the different writers underlines the book’s claim that the distinctive beliefs and practices of the Christadelphians are Built upon a Rock.

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