Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Time to add value

When coming out of the lockdown it might be time for you to add more value to life.

Have you ever thought about the value you bring to a situation or a task?

Most of us are people on their own, not exactly feeling to be bunded or united with like minded spirits. Even several people who are member of a church, normally go to the church on Sunday but really do not take much time to have a long conversation or even to meet each other around a meal.

In our Christadelphian community, we have the custom to have something to eat and drink together  before or after the Breaking of bread service.

The past few weeks we only had the internet meetings. Seeing each other via social media tools. Though at every meeting we also took time to share some thoughts of what happened with the kids and friends. It was a social gathering showing our unitedness as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We should know that our task should not stop there, by meeting our church members; Lots of people these days were on their own and could use some conversation. We could and still can help there to bring a smile in their life.

Perhaps it is not bad to think about how we can help others also to add value to their life.


Find on the net to read: I ‘Just’ Add Value where the writer says

Things I’m reminding myself of

As the leader its more than just modeling ways that we can add value, you need to teach it as well. Obviously you have to start with getting yourself to think of what value you’ve been adding all along and then how you can raise the bar so that you can model that. It is really difficult to have your team learn right along with you because they’ll get confused on what you’re looking for if you’re still waffling on how to do it yourself. However, you can’t just stop with getting yourself right and modeling. This is a concept that needs to be taught as well. Originally I thought I could model it and my team would start following my lead, a couple of them did but mostly it was starting to drive a gap. I looked like a Pollyanna who didn’t quite understand the “real world” yet. This is why I started intentionally instilling it in the team and why I need to continually drive that forward.
Shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars. I truly find this phrase so very annoying but it is sort of true in this instance. If you’re always striving to add value and create value for others and then you get to a point that you just can’t get there, you can feel defeated. You just can’t force yourself to find the way you can add value to cleaning a toilet or creating the presentation or whatever it is, you’ll land in the world of just.
When you’re truly trying to find motivation to elevate it is frustrating to land there. However will have completed what you needed to do. You’ll just get the toilet cleaned or the presentation will just be average. Sometimes just completing something is all you can muster and I would say that is a pretty good worst case scenario. If it is done, sometimes that can be good enough.

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