Friday, 28 May 2021

What about trusting our brother or sister

In this month's issue of Christadelphian Tidings Dave Jennings looks at Bro. Anthony Higginson who shared some helpful thoughts about trust and wrote

 “Trust is the optimism of faith. Trust is a risk, a venture, an adventure. It has in it an element of inspiration. It is not blind, blundering chance. Faith, after all, is not an ignorant assumption— the right name for that is superstition. Faith is intelligent trust. Faith and trust in God are the true antidotes to fear. It lifts us out of the dust and places us by the side of God. It fills our soul with hope and peace.” { Higginson, Anthony. “Blessed is the Man: Trust in God.” The Christadelphian Magazine, vol. 111 (1974): 442}

Dave Jennings writes:

Trusting in God is one thing. We know we can count on the righteousness of God. He never forsakes those who love Him, and He always keeps His promises. But what about trusting our brother or sister? What empowers trusting our brother or sister is a willingness to be vulnerable.
All people should come to know that God is the One Who can at all times be trusted. This cannot be said about man. Though we also should come to a position where we can trust someone around us and have that trust not be ashamed.

Those around us should also have enough reason to trust us.

When we want others to trust us, we must begin by being transparent about what we are committing to and then follow through with our behaviour.


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