Friday 3 April 2009

Bearing fruit

“However, the seed sown in good soil–this is the person who hears the message and understands and actually is productive: one person a hundred times, another person sixty times, and another thirty times.”” (Mt 13:23 MHM)
“Therefore, produce fruitage worthy of repentance.” (Mt 3:8 MHM)
“For no good tree produces bad fruitage. Nor does a bad tree produce good fruitage. Every tree is known by its fruitage. Does anyone ever gather figs from thorn-bushes? Or, grapes from thorn-bushes?” (Lu 6:43-44 MHM)
“Every branch in me not bearing fruit He removes, and everyone bearing fruit He prunes so that it may bear more fruit.” (Joh 15:2 MHM)
“If ever anyone does not remain in me, he is to be thrown outside and then burned up.” (Joh 15:6 MHM)
“Just so, conviction without works is dead by itself.” (Jas 2:17 MHM)
“O hollow person, are you unwilling to realize that conviction without works is fruitless.” (Jas 2:20 MHM)
“Therefore, just as the body without breath is dead, so also, conviction without works is dead.” (Jas 2:26 MHM)
“My brothers, what is the profit if anyone says, “I have conviction, ”but does not have works? Is just his conviction able to save him?”
(Jas 2:14 MHM)

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English: Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona,...
 Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vrucht dragen
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