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Bloodless surgery

English: Main symptoms of acute hemolytic reac...
English: Main symptoms of acute hemolytic reaction (See also Wikipedia:Hemolytic transfusion reaction). References: Possible Risks of Blood Product Transfusions from American Cancer Society. Last Medical Review: 03/08/2008. Last Revised: 01/13/2009 7 ADVERSE REACTIONS TO TRANSFUSION Pathology Department at University of Michigan. Version July 2004, Revised 11/5/08 Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The avoidance of blood during surgery means that post-operative infections and complications are avoided, and blood types would not have to be matched, erasing any complications from matching errors. Bloodless surgeries typically cost 25 per cent less than those that use donated blood with extra savings from a 50 per cent increase in recovery times, translating into shorter hospital stays.

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Evidence in favor of bloodless surgery mounts

> http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/281102

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Dr Lapin's & Denton Cooley's techniques

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