Thursday, 31 December 2009

God Watches

Is the world out of control? Sometimes it seems like it when we live in fear of terrorists, global warming, financial insecurity and minority groups that rise to power. Our futures seem so unpredictable, especially as violence and crime rise - even in our own neighbourhoods. But Zechariah has a message for us today that will help set our hearts at peace.

"For the eye of the LORD is on all mankind as well as on the tribes of Israel." (
Zech 9:1[mg]) God knows exactly what is going on in the world we live in. He knew what it would be like before we experienced it, and he has a plan for the future that will right all the wrongs that are currently happening. God's plan is detailed in the rest of Zechariah 9 where he explains that he will send his King, Jesus, to proclaim peace to the nations, to save his people and to destroy God's enemies.
Hews prating at tomb of Zechariah.
Hews prating at tomb of Zechariah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world may seen like it is out of control, but with God's watchful eye overseeing everything that happens, he will not let it go too far but will intervene at just the right time to save us from destruction. So let's not let ourselves be worried about the things that are happening. God said they would. Instead let them strengthen our faith and make us look forward all the more eagerly to the return of Christ.

- Robert Prins

Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling > God Kijkt toe
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