Wednesday 3 March 2010

Jesus three days in hell

"When Jesus Christ died at the cross, he was the definite and complete sacrifice for our sins.” tells evangelist Billy Graham.  According to him Jesus “was without sin and had never committed a sin, not even one. But to the cross came sin of whole humanity on him and Christ took the decision to take the sentence which we deserve on himself. He took our place! We can hardly present ourselves this, but when he died God His own Son even went on our behalf to hell. For this reason he shouted to the cross: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ (Marcus 15:34). This is what the old credo ‘he has descended in hell (this sense stands in an old declaration which is read weekly in some churches) means.”
At its baptism Jesus received the Holy Spirit and started his worldly task get people to repentance. He was prepared to take up all the sins of all people and to sacrifice his life for them. By dying to the torture post he brought a ransom sacrifice to God for whole humanity. That Jesus would have gone for three days to hell, as a place of torture,  will be a found in the wrong interpretation of the word sheol or `underworld’ where the sepulchre is simply meant (i.e. the grave). Also when we die we will arrive in the ground or the sepulchre. We shall end up in the grave or sheol, the hell, being not a place of torture, but just of earth and dust.

Dutch original / Nederlands origineel > Jezus drie dagen in de hel
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  1. When Jesus was in the hell why did he not try to convince the fallen angels over there to let the people go who had already payed for their sins with therir death? (Romans 6.23)
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