Saturday, 18 February 2012

The hands of God's wrath

30 years ago it was a pivotal time for Jehovah's Witnesses, who were expecting the end of the world at the hands of God's wrath in 1975. They believed that all other people of the earth who rejected the prophecies of the Watchtower were about to be destroyed.

Today the Watchtower has reached its apex at 7 million members (1 million in the U.S.) There are millions of former Jehovah's Witnesses out there who live in fear and dread that they will be destroyed by the God of the Bible very shortly.

You may wonder what is going to happen shortly, or will it take several years before something is drastically going to change.

For sure we may know that the night has gone on for a long time and that daytime is coming near. this will be the subject of the Brethren in Christ from Holland their meeting and study-day on March the 10th 2012.

Do we have to offer some prospects to those who are not Jehovah Witnesses, and to them as well? Please do come and find out.

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